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This extremely unique window hanging is a depiction of Spring in my series "Seasons In Glass".  The pieces in my series are a combination of three different glass techniques.  First I individually design, create, and fuse the background pieces, firing them in an overnight firing in my kiln.  Then I cut the glass pieces to the exact size.  Next I create the three-dimensional spring flowers and leaves individually using flameworking techniques, then cool them slowly in another overnight firing in my kiln.  Next, using stained glass techniques, I combine all of the pieces into a final beautiful product.  As the final step, I create and solder hanging rings onto the piece, then add a nice silver chain so the piece is ready for hanging.  The final piece measures 8.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide.  The price is $85.00 for one season, or $320.00 for the series of all four seasons.

Spring - Seasons In Glass

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