Lampworking - Lessons Learned

When I first started lampworking making glass beads, I watched videos on the internet to see how to do it. It looked easy, so off I went - working in the spare bedroom with a beginner glass package, a small torch, and a little bottle of propane (and a fire extinguisher by my side.) My first major problem was with the beads sticking so hard to the steel mandrel that I could not get them off. I tried every suggestion that I could find - to no avail. Finally I got them off by smashing them with a hammer, so I have a lot of frit to use now in other projects. It turned out, after so much failure, that the problem was not with my technique as I suspected, but it was the beginner kit bead release. Lesson learned: buy a good bead release; don't use the one in the beginner kit. I love the Dip and Go Blue Sludge (despite the name.)

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I'm continually designing and creating new items.  Please check back regularly to see my new stock.

If you see something that you like, but would prefer it in another color, please contact me and ask.