Craft Show or Flea Market or Combination?

I've been displaying my work at a variety of venues, trying to determine what is the best place for my work. So far I haven't reached an answer. I've heard from many crafters to not go to flea markets or mixed flea markets/craft shows. I've had good luck at both of these types. I've also had variable success at all of the other types. My take-away: My success level just depends upon the show's advertising and the type of people attending; no one type of show is better or worse for me than another. So, I'll keep attending a mix and experimenting with which of my work to bring. Always, my design-your-own charms have been my best-seller.

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I'm continually designing and creating new items.  Please check back regularly to see my new stock.

If you see something that you like, but would prefer it in another color, please contact me and ask.