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Combining Glass Techniques: Fused Glass, Lampworking, and Stained Glass

I thought that I'd make a project combining my favorite glass-working techniques: lampworking, glass fusing, and stained glass. It was quite a long process to get to my first finished piece, but it is finally completed, and now that I have all of the details worked out, I can continue making other pieces in my series. Lesson learned: when trying something new, work out the entire process from start to finish, testing it all, prior to making a lot of the individual components. It didn't occur to me (until I started the final assembly) that the fused glass components that I made (more than 40 individual pieces total) would not stand the differential heating caused by my soldering iron - so, I had to go back and start all over again. Here is the first piece in my series: The Seasons In Glass - Spring.

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