Combining Glass Techniques: Fused Glass, Lampworking, and Stained Glass

I thought that I'd make a project combining my favorite glass-working techniques: lampworking, glass fusing, and stained glass. It was quite a long process to get to my first finished piece, but it is finally completed, and now that I have all of the details worked out, I can continue making other pieces in my series. Lesson learned: when trying something new, work out the entire process from start to finish, testing it all, prior to making a lot of the individual components. It didn't occur to me (until I started the final assembly) that the fused glass components that I made (more than 40 individual pieces total) would not stand the differential heating caused by my soldering iron - so, I had to go back and start all over again. Here is the first piece in my series: The Seasons In Glass - Spring.

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I'm continually designing and creating new items.  Please check back regularly to see my new stock.

If you see something that you like, but would prefer it in another color, please contact me and ask.