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Trouble-shooting my Paragon Kiln

My beloved Paragon kiln quit a few weeks ago. I emailed Paragon support who told me that they would talk me through it on the phone if I called back when I had a voltmeter and had the kiln control box open. I finally bought a meter, and not wanting to seem absolutely clueless when I called them, I went online to find out instructions and information. The instructions were readily available from numerous sources. Sadly, they were all so intimidating, requiring that I rewire this part to that, and rewire this to the other, and stand on my head and twirl around while I did it. I was so intimidated, and I was not ready to follow all of the crazy instructions that I put off calling Paragon - big mistake. When I finally called them, they were wonderful, talking me through the basics with really clear instructions and finding the problem in about 30 minutes. Lesson learned: If your kiln breaks, don't be intimidated by online sources, instead call the support staff at Paragon. i could have save myself a lot of agony and weeks of time if I had just called.

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