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Foray Into Lampworking, Beading, and Glass Fusing

An Unexpected Start

If anyone told me five years ago that I would have my own glass studio and be designing, creating, and selling my handmade glass and stone items, I probably would have laughed. Yet here I am doing beading, lampworking, and glass fusing....

My unwitting influencers:

1. My wonderful husband Paul who several years ago bought me some beautiful blue lapis beads. They sat in a display box on my dresser for over a year because I had no idea what to do with them. So I just displayed them.

2. My friend Bonnie who does lovely seed bead work and asked me to go to a bead show with her. I had some doubts about spending hours looking at little seed beads. After all, even though they are pretty and sparkly, how long do you want to spend milling around in a big warehouse looking at them? But I enjoy her company, so I agreed to meet her at the show. I was amazed! In addition to loads of seed beads, there were tables and tables and even more tables of absolutely stunning stone beads and glass beads of all sizes, shapes, and colors.

Suddenly, after years of not having a clue, I knew what I could do with the stones that Paul gave me; I could make them into a necklace. Based on advice from the wonderful vendors at the bead show, I spent about $10 on the minimum tools, supplies, and accent beads I needed to start, and I began.

My first beading project completed - a handmade necklace made of lapis beads and sparky silver accents.

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